Plan Express was established in 1994 in Memphis, Tennessee, the distribution hub for FedEx. Our mission was to offer the best service in Centralized Print Management, Ordering and Distribution. Our motto is, "send in your print order by 7 PM Central Time and we will have it delivered by 10:30 AM the next day."

The idea for centralizing the distribution of construction plans first came to one of our founders while he was working on a bid for a construction project. He realized that the plans he was sending just a few miles away via FedEx were all probably traveling hundreds of miles to Memphis and back. Why not set up a printing facility in Memphis and centralize the distribution of plans? That was the inspiration behind Plan Express.

Orders could be placed with Plan Express late into the evening to take advantage of its proximity to the FedEx distribution hub, thus plans would make a one-way trip rather than a round-trip. With increased volume in printing and distribution, Plan Express could pass these savings on to its customers.

Today, Plan Express has grown beyond this simple yet sound business concept. We have a long list of customers who reap the benefits of centralized plan distribution. Our partnerships with key technology vendors allow us to offer a wider variety and higher quality level of services.

With the addition of the Private Plan Room, we extended our Centralized Printing and Distribution to include Document Management. You can view and order construction documents from a secure Internet connection while allowing us to automate order input and provide you with 100% accuracy in order fulfillment.

As Plan Express grows, we continue to add technology and implement quality control systems so that quality is never compromised due to quantity. Every order is important to us, every customer is essential, every package is delivered right.