Plan Express offers its customers many benefits including:

  • "On The Fly" Pricing
    Our clients can view final shipping and printing charges online before they finalize an order. We price our shipping LIVE, based on the weight of the package. Our competitors typically show printing charges after an order is placed.
  • Late Night Ordering
    Our clients take advantage of our late ordering option. Orders placed by 7 p.m. CST are delivered the next business day. It's simple - get more hours from your workday. We process and package for free!
  • Deep Discounts on Overnight Shipping
    Because of our close proximity to major overnight carriers, we receive deep discounts on overnight shipping. These saving are then passed on to our clients.
  • Accelerated Bid Process
    Contractors and Architects take advantage of our convenient centralized print distribution, making the bid process more efficient. By making Plan Express your Bid Document Distribution Center, you can save two to three days in the bid process.
  • Ability to Track Orders LIVE
    Plan Express offers this capability as standard through our system. As a partner of major overnight carriers, we have integrated our technology systems to provide our clients with a higher level of customer service.
  • Automated Order Entry
    Our commitment to Quality Control means getting it right the first time. 100% Customer Satisfaction!
  • Quick Turnaround
    We have the capacity for quick turnaround on large projects.
  • Plan Express Premium
    The ability to upgrade to the ultimate in customization and usability. Custom reports, tailored email templates, and more!