Our Core Services involve doing whatever it takes to make your job more efficient by saving you time and money. To accomplish this, we have invested heavily in research and development to deliver systems that provide specific services and workflows required for construction projects, whether they are small retail shops to major production facilities. While many of our features are common to other "plan rooms" our infrastructure was based on the principles of logistics and workflows, not on print production.

Plan Express pioneered many innovations in "plan room technologies" including:

  • "On-The-Fly" pricing of orders that includes all applicable taxes and shipping costs
  • Multiple shipments to individual recipients within one single order
  • User selectable delivery options to each recipient—and how those deliveries are to be invoiced or paid
  • Secure integration for all credit card orders
  • Unlimited viewing and review of drawings and specifications
  • Strict confidentiality of the "Private Plan Room" concept. Read about Our Confidentiality."

A few of the many features of our Private Plan Rooms:

  • Customize / Personalize
    Each private plan room is exactly that - it is YOUR private plan room customized with your logo, your colors. Users logged in as Administrators can upload logos, change colors and customize the private plan room to suit you.
  • Online Ordering
    Once you have selected the documents you want to distribute, simply check the items you desire and order the documents for delivery. You can select plans and specifications, single or multiple copies of each. You can only "bill on account" if you have credit established with Plan Express. You can always pay for plans by using a credit card via a secure connection through Authorize.net. To protect your security, we do not store any credit card information on our website.
  • Document Delivery & Confirmation
    You select the delivery method, which is based on the destination postal code of the recipient. All available delivery options are then provided — FedEx, UPS or other shipper, same day delivery where possible, or via email (ZIP-Direct).If you don't have an online connection, NO PROBLEM, you can order plans by submitting a fax or by calling us over the phone (with certain cutoff limitations). Whether web-based or manually placed, we insure that your order is entered correctly. You will receive an email confirmation that your order was printed and shipped, and we will provide an online access to the actual courier tracking number of that order. We also provide you with access to the online tools within your private plan room to track the delivery progress.
  • Online Reporting
    To provide you with the controls you need for project management, we offer online reports showing who purchased specific documents for each order placed. This provides proof positive that each and every document ordered — right down to the revision level of each document – was delivered to the intended recipient